For many years a small but dedicated group has maintained the flower beds, planters and community garden in the village to the highest standard, achieving the coveted Beautiful Fife Gold Award in 2019.

A number of group members have however decided to wind down or move on, and the community came together to discuss how their fantastic legacy can be maintained and developed.

This resulted in a large number of people volunteering to contribute, and a new Dunshalt in Bloom group - The Dibbers - was formed. Individuals and small sub-groups will now take on responsibility for a sepecific area, bringing their own ideas and enthusiasm.

The group have decided not to enter the Beautiful Fife competition, so there is no pressure on the group and hopefully this will  encourage even more members of the community to join in.

Beyond flowers and plants the group will also perform a valuable social function, hopefully encouraging people to get out and about the village again after two miserable years of lockdowns and self isolation.