Following the recent sudden and unannounced removal of two key pieces of equipment from the village Park members of the Playpark Development Group met on site with Fife Council. The outcome of the meeting was as follows:

FC confirmed that there are 3 teams with responsibility for Council playparks: inspection, maintenance and development. Unfortunately on this occasion it seems that the teams didn’t communicate with each other about ongoing issues resulting in the sudden removal of equipment considered ‘at the end of it’s life’.

FC noted the hard work and excellent achievements of the Dunshalt Playpark Group in having completed a community consultation resulting in a detailed and imaginative plan for the new playpark development. Dunshalt Playpark is scheduled for ‘Tranche 4’ work, with a proposed starting date in April 2024.

FC confirmed that grant funding of £20k had been set aside by Fife Council – which along with local fundraising which Dunshalt was committed to – would help to close the gap with the capital cost of the project.

Dunshalt Community Association is committed to supporting the Playpark Development Group with advice on grants and finance, including access to Auchtermuchty Community Trust as a ‘holding account’, and in promoting fundraising events.

Those present expressed the hope that in future it will be possible to inform the community in advance about the timescale for removal of play equipment. This will enable discussion and possible scheduling to reduce the disappointment and impact on amenity for children and young people.

It was agreed that the outcome of community fundraising, and any changes to the Council timescale, will be shared between those present.