Danes Camp

Five concentric circular trenches at the north end of Dunshelt Plantation, generally supposed in the neigbourhood to be a Danish camp, and is so called. The Old Stat. acc. [Statistical Account] of the Parish says that.."On the South Side of the Eden, directly between Falkland and Auchtermuchty, are the remains of what is called a Danish Camp. That it was so is probable from the name of a neighbouring village, Dunshelt, supposed to be a corruption of Danes-Halt, and to have derived its name from the circumstance of the Danes having formed an encampment in its vicinity The remains of this Camp consist of five Concentric circular trenches, nearly equidistant from one another and seem to have been seperated only by the bank of earth thrown up from each. The centrical spot enclosed by the first trench is about 22 feet in diameter.

Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland